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Nando's wanted to do more than count their chickens

Company Name:


Sage Pastel Evolution

Company Profile
Nando's is an international brand with stores in over 40 countries including, New Zealand, Fiji, Africa, Canada, London, Malaysia and Singapore.

Nando's famous cockerel opened in Western Australia in 1990 and specialises in Portuguese-style flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

Nando's has since spread its wings creating more Nando's addicts and has opened restaurants in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales.

Running as a franchise model, Nando's head office provides Training, Marketing, Quality and Safety procedures for the franchisees. 

The Challenge
Nando's experienced rapid growth with new franchise stores opening through-out Australia.

The existing custom built Linux solution delivered accounting functionality but was unable to capture detailed franchisee information. Management needed a solution that could incorporate both accounting and CRM functionality in the one solution.

Nando's were outgrowing the accounting solution and were unable to extract detailed reports to assist decision making.

Unable to develop the existing program to include customer relationship management features and detailed reporting, Nando's begun their search for an Enterprise Resource Planning solution which incorporated CRM and Financial Management interwoven within the one program.

The new solution would need to capture customer communication and linked financial status that could provide a holistic view for improved franchisee management.

The Solution
Improving Franchisee communication on the road

Nando's Sales team has the ability to log in through Terminal Server to Evolution, whilst out on the road and access live data on their visiting franchisee appointment list. The staff member accesses current data such as sales, outstanding monies and communication history on the road for each appointment. The up-to-date information allows the sales team to follow through on franchisee requests and meet head office business expectations effectively and efficiently.

Holistic approach.

Franchisee information is stored and recorded within Evolution. At any time, staff can access current store Marketing Plans, training schedules and new store openings. Not only are the marketing details stored but operational plans, quality control procedures and store plans. Nando's corporate staff all have access to Evolution's CRM module daily and utilise the information as the foundation of franchisee communication.

Strength of Architecture

Sage Pastel Evolution's robust MS-SQL database supports Nando's complex divisional structure allowing the business to break down business divisions by groups, departments, locations and incident types, thus supporting complex reports. Data can be sliced and diced to suit individual needs. For example, Marketing may need to see current sales for a month and remove any other data not relevant to the search by simply dragging and dropping the fields.

The Results
Sage Pastel Evolution has bought together two fundamental functions of the business.

Evolution has equipped management in streamlining the accounting and management process. The solution allows for simple and effortless daily financial management which goes beyond accounting.


“The information is now centralised and gives management a central resource for comprehensive reporting and well
informed decision making. “

Marc Lewinsohn, Information Technololgy Manager, Nandos Australia