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A payroll solution that delivers the Goods

Company Name:
Scotts Group of Companies

Freight & Fuel

Sybiz Visipay


Company Profile
Specialising in freight and fuel, Scott's has been known for decades as one of Australia's largest and most dynamic privately-owned transport and logistics operations.

Striving to deliver an unmatched service in a prominent market, we offer value for our customers and are leaders in safety and compliance.

Scott’s has offices through out Australia and will deliver your goods anywhere in the country.


The Challenge

With a workforce of over 800 across 9 divisions in the transport, fuel, farms and property industries, the time to generate pays was always a time challenge. There were lots of complex and manual processes around the annual leave accruals because of the diversity in each of these industries.

HR information was inconsistently stored, so there was also a benefit to be gained from having this data incorporated with the payroll information.

In addition to this, there were legislative changes that required Scott's to upgrade their existing payroll software to ensure compliance.

What Scott's needed was a multi-user, multi-company payroll and human resource package that was flexible in the way the annual leave was calculated, simple to use and compliant with the current and future legislations.


The Solution
A robust solution that will grow with the business.

Sybiz Visipay & Human Resources modules provided a great platform for Scott's group.

Multi-user solution

Sales staff have the ability to enter a lead into the system against a prospect. You can create quotations and simply convert the prospect to a customer and at the same time, the quote to an invoice without having to re-key any of the information. 'My sales team are quite happy to work on the system now, they find it quick and easy to write an order, especially since the lead is in there already'. Sage Pastel Evolution allows you to capture communication with the customer in one area. The information helps sales staff stay informed and manage business relationships effectively and efficiently.

Because multiple users were allowed, with security to manage access control, multiple people could work on the pay runs at the same time.

Multi-company solution

Each division was able to have their own company set-up allowing different pay items and accrual methods across each entity.

Integrated HR module

The Human Resource module provided Scott’s with central repository to store personnel information. Access to this was limited to managers and other relevant staff. This means that payroll and personnel information such as OH&S items are stored in one convenient location.

Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service modules allow Scott’s employees to view their payslips, annual leave accrued and also apply for leave. Once deployed across the group, this will automate and otherwise very manual process.

User friendly interface

The simplicity of the user interface made Sybiz Visipay easy to deploy across multiple users. The training effort was low because it so easy to navigate and use.

The Results

Since implementing Sybiz Visipay, Scott’s have gained many efficiencies to their day-to-day running of the payroll.

The different methods of annual leave accrual has proven to be an effective time saver.

No longer does Scott’s have to be worried about being compliant with the ATO, Sybiz Visipay takes care of all of this.


"The appeal of Sybiz Visipay was the usability.  It was very user friendly"                                                                                                

Shaun Lovekin, Financial Accountant of the Transport Group