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Snapshot Dashboard Reporting


SnapShot is a dashboard and analytics reporting platform made specifically for mid market ERP products. It's purpose is simple, to give you the right information about any area of your business in real time to make informed decisions.

Made specifically for Sybiz Vision, Sage Pastel Evolution and Ostendo, this plug and play dashboard and analytical software provides you immediate intelligence and visualisation about every area of your business.

There's no limit to the type of data that you can see through our dashboards, be it financial or operational, all at the click of your fingers.

The dashboards display real time information. There is no need to run or schedule reports, you simply open the dashboard and leave it open. You can access them from mobile devices such as Ipad's and Tablets in realtime. Individual staff can have their own dashboards with KPI information relevant to them at their finger tips.

All dashboards provide multiple level drill down capability. What does this mean, it means for example if you want to look at sales for a region, you can select that region and instantly see the top performing reps or customers. Then click on a customer, and see the most common products they purchase, or click the Rep, and see his most popular customers. It's multi dimensional reporting and it's live and looks great. Community vs Client Dashboards

Snapshot's library of dashboards are referred to as community dashboards because everyone using Snapshot will receive these dashboards. Community Dashboards only use standard fields and transactions that occur in your ERP package, so they work on everybody's database. We are continually adding to the community dashboards as new requests are received. We have access to over 1000 business running Sybiz Vision, Sage Evolution and Ostendo and are continually taking requests from these clients to develop community dashboards that benefit their businesses.

We know many customers add additional data fields and customise their ERP databases to suit their business. Likewise, customers will want dashboards specific to their business operations. To cater for this, we have the ability to create Client Dashboards, that only you as the customer can see. These can be developed and loaded into the Client Dashboard section of the application.

Click here to view some examples of the Community Dashboards>>


You can view your dashboards on the run through any device. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser and you can access exactly the same information as if you were in the office. The perfect solution for disseminating information to sales reps and business travellers.


Each dashboard has user permissions to control who within the organisation can view the information.


Dashboards have version control built into them. Because not all customers upgrade versions of their business software at the same time, it was important that we allowed all community dashboards to work, no matter what version you were running. Upgrade Sybiz Vision, and all you do is a web update through Snapshot. We detect what version you are running and automatically load the correct versions of the dashboards.


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