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Primarily focussed for growing and medium sized businesses, Ostendo delivers functionality typically found in top end of town business software. The application comes fully loaded with all the modules you need for one economical price.

Development-X is the software developer. With over 15,000 customers worldwide, their philosophy is to encourage businesses to focus on their goals through managing the operational activity of the business, whilst keeping your existing familiar accounting system. Ostendo integrates directly with MYOB, Quickbooks and Sage Pastel Evolution.

Ostendo® is a power system that focusses on Inventory, Job Costing, Manufacturing and Service Management. Delivering a number of integrated modules, Ostendo® has been designed to address the operational requirements of small to medium business. Ostendo's® functionality addresses many challenges faced by a range of vertical markets.

CRM-Operations Centre

Ostendos' enhanced CRM functionality allows you to communicate effectively with your customers and suppliers. With the Operations Centre being the central hub of the system, you can view all information about customers and suppliers and transact from one central view. These functions have been extended to the web giving you mobile CRM functionality.

Operations Centre

The hub of Ostendo CRM is the Operations Centre. The operations centre is a portal to key business information, key performance indicators and vital business statistics.

It pulls together activities and emails from across the entire system into one screen, making the information immediately viewable and accessible.

The premise of this screen is to allow the user to view activities on the premise that an entity or module was the centre of the universe.

In other words, if I was dealing with a customer, you would see everything about that customer and be able to transact their common requests or actions.

Overview & Orientation


Call Centre & Ticketing Functions


Email Services


Ostendo delivers the goods with inventory solutions that exceed your expectations. Ostendo gives you a real time picture of your sales and gross profit across multiple product lines across multiple warehouses.   

Some of the great features of the inventory module include:

  • Inventory includes stock controlled items (raw materials and finished goods) such as source on demand products, custom made products and assemblies.

  • Non stock items that are not stock controlled are called descriptors and supplier catalogues.

  • Stock can be recorded and transferred against multiple warehouses and multiple locations.

  • Stock takes can be organised by these or by product or category.

  • The stock item code field is 50 characters long with a 100 character further description field. Extensive notes, images, documents, history and warranties can be linked to each item along with revision level, multiple stocking units of measure, serial number, batch or lot number, grade, colour, size, expiry date, barcode, manufacturer's name, brand, model and unlimited user definable properties.

  • Comprehensive pricing levels, quantity breaks, discounts, full cost tracking and cost change logging are incorporated in Ostendo.

  • Complementary add-on sales can be defined against the inventory item for prompting at sales order entry.

  • You can create warranties automatically when items are sold and create regular customer asset servicing for after sales servicing of products.

  • Ostendo allows negative stock.

  • A projected inventory availability enquiry screen and inventory forecasting are included along with automated inventory replenishment MRP functionality (re-order quantity, re-order level, order multiple, lead time) based on supply, demand, forecast and inventory re-order policy.

  • A mass global replacement facility is included for substituting items and alternative items option from the preferred supplier or list of approved suppliers with part number cross-reference and pricing information.

  • You can purchase directly for stock, jobs, assembly orders or cost centres using inventory, descriptors or supplier catalogues. An unlimited number of supplier catalogues can be imported.

  • You can track drop-shipments directly to your customer's address or outworker's address and there is an optional purchase order approval control process.

  • The 3 purchasing processing methods are (i) Purchase Order to Receipt to Supplier Invoice (ii) Purchase Order to Supplier Invoice (iii) Supplier Invoice only.


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Job Costing

Job Costing is Ostendo's strength from simple to complex job estimating and quoting, to work in progress tracking all levels, to after job costing and actual job profit reporting.

Some of the great features of the job cost module include:

  • Cost methods include standard, average, actual, last, buy price, or calculated cost. These are used in the jobs and projects to provide detailed and accurate budgeted planned, actual and projected costs. This can be at the various task, job, and project hierarchy levels.

  • Real time work in progress and time and cost completion percentage are included at all levels.

  • You can also use the planned/projected costs based on progress claim percentage to project job profitability.

  • Progress claims and retention tracking can be done by job and consolidated invoicing by project.

  • A graphical job calendar by task/resource will assist you with scheduling.


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Manufactured products can be standard BOM's, through to full use of combined BOM, routing and resource management with cost rollups. Work orders for manufacturing can be produced on the fly, sourced on demand from a pre-scheduled planned order or as a configured custom product. 

Features of the manufacturing module include:

  • Capacity Planning

  • Work Order & Resource Scheduling

  • Manufacturing incorporates making products to order or to stock from component items. You can choose the level of simplicity or complexity that you wish to use. This ranges from an assembly order with no details, through using simple Bills of Material, or simple routing, to full use of combined BOM, routing and resources with cost rollups.

  • Orders can be generated on the fly, source on demand, from a prescheduled planned order, or as a configured custom product.

  • BOMs include setup, scrap percentage, can be as many levels deep as required and include component items, descriptors, and labour.

  • Co-products, by-products and phantom assemblies are also supported.

  • Each line in a BOM can optionally be linked to a step in the routing, and each routing step can identify the detailed resource requirements.

  • A mass global replacement facility is used for substituting items and a where used enquiry for BOMs.


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The Purchasing function covers the full spectrum from creating a Supplier through raising a Purchase Order and Receiving the Goods or Service, to Invoice receipt and matching.

One of the great features of Purchasing is Purchase Shipments which give you the ability to spread additional costs of the shipment across all purchase order lines linked to the shipment.  The process steps carried out using this function are described in the following video:

Purchase Shipments

Ostendo Purchase Shipments gives you the ability to spread additional costs of the shipment across all purchase order lines linked to the shipment.

This feature is perfect if you are importing products and want to keep accurate inventory costings.


Service Managment

For product or service sales with a future on-going commitment with service level agreements, you can automatically create a customer service asset upon selling the product or service to a customer. These assets can have preventative maintenance service agreements set up against them. Adhoc services are also supported with the ability to schedule people and machinery resources to the service jobs. 

Some of the great features of the service management module include:

  • Original and extended warranty tracking

  • Create customer service asset after selling product or service

  • Service reminder letters or emails

  • Automatically schedules preventive maintenance and creates service jobs

  • Complete sales and service history

  • Service level agreements

  • Rentals and hire.


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Ostendo has a range of mobility options.

You can run Ostendo on a tablet that works offline, then can be synched when you get back in range.

In addition to this, Ostendo has web templates that allow you to perform certain Ostendo functions via the internet.  The Sales Order web portal is one of these features.  Watch this video to see how you can get your sale team mobile.