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Ostendo Upgrade

For the Ostendo upgrade, could please fill in the form below as soon as possible, this will be greatly appreciated. We will then contact you to discuss the timing of the upgrade process with you.

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It is recommended that sites with customisations complete a trial upgrade. Would you like a trial upgrade?*
Ostendo Update version: To find this - Login to Ostendo, Click Help > About. - Enter the Executable Update No:*
Number of Ostendo Databases? To find this - Login to Ostendo, Click File > System Configuration > Multiple Companies:*
Financial System linked to Ostendo. To find this Login to Ostendo, Click File > System Settings > Accounting Link Tab. Enter here the Accounting Link Style *
Do you have any 3rd Party applications or customisations that you know of? Yes/No – If Yes what are they*
Are you interested in a specific online backup for your Ostendo database(s) as added protection?*
Do you have any other outstanding issues that need to be addressed at the same time? If so what are they?*

I acknowledge and understand that while appropriate testing of the upgrade process can be undertaken by Progressive and us (the client), Progressive is not the manufacturer of the software and does not provide any guarantees as to the success of the upgrade process and any subsequent software issues that may arise through the use of the upgraded Sybiz Vision.Net. For further information on Progressive Business Technologies terms & conditions of service you can visit our Terms of Service document at:

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