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Please read the following information before completing the Partner V14 Upgrade Form.

Customers have a choice when upgrading; performing a trial upgrade first, then upgrading their live system or just upgrading their live system.

We recommend that companies invest in a trial upgrade to minimize any risk of down time to the organization during the upgrade process. Especially sites with software customisations and custom reports, these customisations should be tested first on a trial of the new release if they are critical to a company’s operation.

A trial upgrade also allows you to test new software features and train staff or have staff review changes in the software while not in a live environment.

However we understand not all company’s require a trial and we can upgrade your live system without a trial if you so desire.

A trial upgrade takes place on a spare PC, we will install the updated version on Pastel Partner on this PC and copy your Pastel Partner databases to it and perform the trial upgrade. You can then test the new version and key business functions / customisations in your own time. An upgrade to your live database can then be scheduled to suit at a convenient time.

The trial does not provide conclusive testing in the exact conditions that your current database exists in, to do this is simply not feasible, but it can provide a reasonable degree of testing and allow users to become familiar with new enhancements.

While we provide best endeavours in all cases, we cannot provide any guarantees in relation to the upgrade process even with the above testing in place, as all customers use different areas of the software in different ways and it is impossible for us to test every scenario.

We charge upgrade services on a time and materials basis at normal rates. Because each client’s environment is different, charges will vary from client to client, but we can provide an estimate before beginning the process should you request one.

If you could please fill in the form below as soon as possible, this will be greatly appreciated. We will then contact you to discuss the timing of the upgrade process with you.

If you could please fill in the form below as soon as possible, this will be greatly appreciated. We will then contact you to discuss the timing of the upgrade process with you.

Customer Name:*
Contact Person:*

When would you like your ugprade?

We cannot guarantee this date, but will contact you to discuss availability.

Requested Date:
Do you want a trial upgrade?
Do you have a spare PC available for testing? Please understand that a spare machine means one that staff cannot use for real processing while testing is taking place.
Product Information - Please select the products that you have installed.
Partner version:
What version of Pervasive are you using (please enter version number in next question)?
Client/Server or Workgroup version
Is Partner installed locally on each PC or do you have it installed on a terminal server?
How many users are you currently licensed for?
Number of workstations to be upgraded
How many company databases do you have?
If known, do you know the size of your database in megabytes?
Are there any logos on your form design?
Do you want backup verification?
I acknowledge and understand that Pastel Partner V12 and subsequent releases is an annually licensed product and a mandatory annual fee is payable
I acknowledge and understand that while appropriate testing of the upgrade process can be undertaken by Progressive and us (the client), Progressive is not the manufacturer of the software and does not provide any guarantees as to the success of the upgrade process and any subsequent software issues that may arise through the use of Pastel Partner. For further information on Progressive Business Technologies terms & conditions of service you can visit our Terms of Service document at:*
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